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In Ray McQueen's powerful book, Relationships: How to Win in Them,you will come to understand what a successful relationship looks like and how to take God's Word and apply those principles in every relationship you have. His very personal stories and teachings will help you turn your struggles into victories and your brokenness into wholeness, by showing you the God-given keys to taking your relationships to the next level.

In Pastor Ray's 5-DVD teaching series, Relationships, God's Way, he and his anointed wife, Sharon, will guide you through an eye-opening look at your relationships. Find out the God-given strategies and secrets that will take your relationships from sinking to swimming!

You will receive the complete, uncut interview with Damon and Pastor Ray McQueen This DVD contains amazing insights into Pastor Ray's personal struggles and how he learned from those mistakes to build up his marriage, his career, his finances, and his health.

But that's not all! Damon wants to see God's restoration power manifest in your relationships, he's going to send you a second copy of Relationships: How to Win in Them, absolutely FREE! Give a copy to your loved one, as you both work toward a fulfilling, happy, and successful relationship with each other!

Gateway to Healing Bundle
Ray McQueen

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