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If you are starting a business, working at a new job, or find yourself stuck in the wrong job, then listen closely! You can achieve success faster than you ever dreamed possible! Meet motivational speaker and personal success builder Scott Nicholson!

In his powerful guidebook, Dominate Your Destiny, Scott instructs teens, young adults, and business professionals of all ages with an easy-to-read, inspirational road map designed for success! Each and every page of this bestselling book provides step-by-step guidance that will educate you to achieve success, prosperity, happiness, and life balance!

Through these pages, you'll learn:

  • How to use the power of your mind to your ultimate benefit!
  • How to become a Super Achiever and find the winning edge!
  • How to MAXIMIZE your unique talents to ENSURE success!
  • How to face and DEFEAT fear and failure!

If you're ready to understand how to achieve TRUE SUCCESS, then this book is your answer!

Scott Nicholson has also created a very special teaching for you that will transform you or the life of any young adult. This teaching is a vital companion to his popular book, Dominate Your Destiny, and available only with this special offer! On this DVD, Scott reveals specific life principles that will help you avoid pitfalls, achieve success, and best fulfill your God-given destiny!

Damon will also send you the full interview from this program on DVD. You were only able to receive a portion of the insight and wisdom Scott shared during this comprehensive discussion, but the entire interview – and all of Scott's insights shared here – can be yours to keep or share for your love gift of only $35.

Dominate Your Destiny Collection
Scott Nicholson

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