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  • Never Chase a Paycheck Again book
    Dr. Watkins shares practical insights and biblical wisdom to help you experience true wealth in every area of your life. Implementing these tools will not only create a turning point for you, but it will also produce a stream of generational wealth for your children and children's children. If you're tired of chasing a paycheck, paying bills, or just need some new income streams, this book is for you!
  • 12 Ways to Be Your Own Boss Workbook
    Whether employed or unemployed, CEO or student, ministry leader or volunteer, this workbook will provide you with the how-to's, resources and insight you need to Never Chase A Paycheck Again!
  • oThe 3 Most Significant Things That You Need to Know about Money DVD
    This is Dr. Watkins' EXCLUSIVE 1onONE DVD teaching, recorded just for you! Listen to this powerful, spirit-led message and shift your life toward financial security. This teaching cannot be found anywhere else.
  • 1onONE DVD
    Complete Interview with Damon Davis and Dr. Robert Watkins

Financial Empowerment Collection
Dr. Robert Watkins

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