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  • Never Chase a Paycheck Again book
    Dr. Watkins shares practical insights and biblical wisdom that is guaranteed to put you on the road to building actual wealth. The principles Dr. Watkins teaches show you how to find your purpose – and making it work for you; creating a stream of generational wealth for you, your children and your grandchildren.
  • 12 Ways to Be Your Own Boss Workbook
    In this enhanced companion volume, he walks you through an easy to follow step-by-step process to help you transition into generating income doing what you truly love.
  • Never Chase a Paycheck Again audio book
    Dr. Watkins is including his newly released audio book version of Never Chase A Paycheck Again. This powerful recording makes grasping these bible-tested methods easy and convenient as you can listen to the voice of Dr. Watkins instruct you at home, in your car, or anywhere you go.
  • 1onONE Uncut Interview DVD
    Get all of the behind the scenes discussions and content in this full-length interview with Damon and Dr. Watkins and soak in even more financial wisdom.

And, if you%u2019re one of the first 100 people who purchase the Financial Empowerment Collection today, you'll receive the added bonus of a live personal phone assessment with one of Dr. Watkins' personally trained certified consultants. This customized one-on-one session is an invaluable tool that will:

  • help you identify your "Seven Streams of Income"
  • launch your wealth building strategy
  • and provide personalized guidance to propel you toward a life of financial security
This type of individualized coaching would normally cost you hundreds of dollars, but it's yours FREE if you order today!

2019 Financial Empowerment Collection
Dr. Robert Watkins

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