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  • Zero Victim: Liberate Yourself from the Mentality of Defeat book
    Author: James Ward
    At some point, we all wonder, "why me?" We're destined to confront pain in our lives, in a world where imperfect people develop imperfect systems of living. We all endure difficulties at no fault of our own, turning us each into victims. Some people rise above their victimization while others sink into mental and spiritual defeat. Despite similar circumstances, some people thrive while others wither away.
    In Zero Victim, James Ward shows how repeated victimization destroys your positive outlook by permanently creating negative memories and damaged emotions. In this revolutionary book, Ward shows you how to develop a programmed mind-set to overcome injustice and recognize victory in every situation. His revolutionary "Zero Victim Mentality" will set you free from your days of fear, depression, and discouragement. Learn to train your mind to see yourself as the winner you are. See the victory available to you in every situation, and liberate and protect yourself from a victim mentality, because God created you to be a winner!
  • Zero Victim Confession and Prayer CD
    This audio CD highlights scriptures designed to help you develop a new way of thinking ‑ your winner's mindset.
  • Zero Victim Statement Cards

    This reference guide counters victim statements, like "I feel like a loser" with zero victim statements, like "I see myself winning in all I do" to help you shift into a zero-victim mindset.

  • Breaking Free Bracelet
    Wear this special bracelet as a reminder that your victory is in Jesus, and He breaks the chains of a victim mentality.
  • Entire 1-hour, uncut 1onONE interview DVD
    James Wared and Damon reveal how to apply life changing strategies to breaking the chains of a limited mindset.

James Ward Bundle

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