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  • Destination Mastery: 7 Steps to an Extraordinary Life book by Ruben West

    What is success, and how do we get it? Why is it that some people are so successful in every area of their lives, and then others struggle just to complete the simplest of tasks? Dr. Ruben West believes that success is a matter of mindset ‑ how we think about and see ourselves. In this book, Ruben West uses the intricacies and patterns of the body's own immune system as an analogy to our success mindset. So much of our mindset is determined and influenced by outside perspectives, shaping and forming how we see ourself and our potential. Ruben West artfully explains how going through the process of changing your mindset will result in what you once thought was impossible is now not only attainable, but is your "new normal."

    Ruben West shares his and his Destination Mastery clients' personal experiences to demonstrate how taking a look at your thought process can help you see another way of thinking and being, causing you to achieve lasting, positive change. He shows you...

    • How your beliefs about yourself shape your mindset
    • Mastery tips for going from an ordinary to extraordinary life
    • Action items to help you measure, monitor, and master your journey to happiness and success
    • Powerful quotes to encourage and inspire you along your journey
    • "Hashtagged" words and phrases of wisdom for you to share as your Destination Mastery journey changes and inspires you
    • The Destination Mastery Success Equation, designed to help you maximize your potential for extraordinary results!
  • Destination Mastery: Quotes and Mastery Tips audio CD
  • 1OnOne Uncut Interview DVD with Ruben West and Les Brown

Destination Mastery: 7 Steps to an Extraordinary Life Bundle

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