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  • Inner Peace e-book
    This book will show you the Biblical way to transform your life. Learn how to truly surrender to God so that you can become renewed through Him. Discover ways to release your stress and cast your cares upon Him. Know that whatever anxiety, depression or pain you're struggling with, you don't have to go it alone.

    This digital e-book is a power-packed guide that you can used anytime, anywhere, by simply downloading to your laptop or accessing on your phone. When you receive today's Inner Peace bundle, we will include the easy, step-by-step instructions for you to download HIDDEN TREASURE to ALL of your mobile devices!
  • 1onONE Prayer and Proclamation CD
    This powerful CD will walk you through declaring the Word of God and speaking life over your health, your family, and the protection of your life.
  • 1onONE Prayer Shawl
    This beautiful Prayer Shawl is embroidered with the Lord's Prayer in both English and Aramaic. Wear the Prayer Shawl over your head or shoulders as a symbolic covering of the presence of God.
  • Full, uncut interview DVD with Damon Davis and Peter Aiello

Inner Peace Bundle
Peter Aiello

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