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  • Backwards: How to Live Forward book
    In Brett Hayworth's acclaimed book, you'll find a message of hope and the right strategy to become the best, most successful person God created you to be ‑ no matter where you are right now or what you have to overcome! Through an insightful and motivating story of Brett's own journey, you will discover how to overcome your past, how to persevere through the present, and a power found in pursuing your God-given purpose. Through the pages of Brett's best-selling work, you'll be infused with steps to take to reach for your dreams, and to set the kind of goals that help you thrive!
  • Just Brett & Lilly DVD
    Become part of a single father's story raising his daughter in a complex world, in this highly produced narrative on DVD. You'll laugh and cry as Brett shares a life being lived on PURPOSE! In this amazing, fun and thought-provoking real life series, together with Brett and Lilly, you'll move from headaches to relief, failure to victory, and from life's disappointments to living life as an overcomer!
  • 1onONE DVD
    Complete Interview with Damon Davis and Brett Hayworth
  • 1onONE Journal
    Use this journal to document your voyage of personal development, as you begin to find the answers that will help you life the life that God envisioned for you all along!

Backwards: How to Live Forward Bundle
Brett Hayworth

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