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Every morning we wake up and gaze into our mirror as we start our day. We inspect, critique, and even try to change the reflection that appears before us. As we examine every inch of what's in view, we often find ourselves hiding and masking our real self. Hiding our true identity becomes normal because honestly…who would really like or even love the real, uncovered us?

Hiding is an indicator that our past experiences have moved into the very present and NOW of our lives. We deal with it by learning to wear masks, which give us the FALSE sense that we can control our future by how people see us.

But TODAY God wants to free your mind from being camped out at the river bed of fear, low self-esteem, and bondage; and teach you how to cross over that river. It's TIME to GO & let GO! It's TIME to GO and discover your destiny! It's TIME to LET GO of what has been holding you back and become FREE of the masks that hide your God Given Identity!

In this bundle, you will receive Bonnie's book, And, Now I See: What Are You Hiding Under Your Makeup?, and her impactful accompanying DVD. Bonnie will share with you her four practical steps to achieving a Spiritual Makeover. Damon will also include the complete unedited interview that will further loose you from the chains of your past abuses and traumas in life.

You are not what people have called you! And, you are not what you have been through. YOU ARE -THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST JESUS!

The Spiritual Makeover Collection
Bonnie Carr

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