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This book is packed with the spiritual keys that can lift you into financial success, and these secrets can be applied to your life and your family's life right now! TC Bradley has used these principles to generate over a million dollars and he wants to show you his system so you can get your life on the right track! Imagine the pressure of money being gone forever!

In this groundbreaking book, you'll find:

  • How TC was able to place a tiny ad in USA Today on Christmas day and sign up the gentleman who would become the number one income earner in that business
  • How TC was able to build a multi-million dollar company within six months, only to lose it to a bad partnership, and then completely recover within two years
  • How TC was able to sell over a million dollars of product with his first website, and within two years beat Oprah in website traffic, knowing very little about the Internet and with a $1,500-a-month marketing budget
  • How a friend used a spiritual law to increase his income to over 100k per month within six to nine months
  • The life-altering spiritual law that propelled a single mom from barely surviving to owning her own waterfront resort and massive success
  • How the first book TC ever wrote hit the best seller list, beating out notable names like Joel Osteen and TD Jakes for a day or two on the Amazon best seller list
  • How someone used this powerful spiritual law to generate $25,171 in 21 days on Facebook with no advertising spend or joint ventures

Supernatural Success: Spiritual Laws I Used to Generate Over a Million Dollars in Sales and Beat Opr

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