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  • Are You a Glamour Bearer, Armour Bearer, or Pall Bearer? book
    This book will equip you with life-changing truths that will guide you out of a mediocre and trapped life by identifying the spiritual GAPS that exist in your life. Imagine exploding out of that crippling debt, debilitating disease, and bad relationship you are in and experiencing the miracle working power of God in your life, and the lives of your loved ones.
  • The Lord is With You & Past Due Breakthrough 2-part DVD Series
    This dynamic collection will give you practical insights into God's Kingdom and how to walk and release the blessing and favor of the Lord in your life. Discover who you are called to be and step into the power, grace, and ability God has for your brand new tomorrow!
  • Full Uncut Interview DVD with Damon Davis and Pastor William Cooper
  • Second Copy of the book, Are You a Glamour Bearer, Armour Bearer, or Pall Bearer?
    Damon is committed to seeing God's vision not only take place in your life but also within the Body of Christ. When you respond to today's bundle, Damon will send you a 2nd book, FREE, for you to sow into your Pastor or church leadership.

The Armour Bearer Empowerment Bundle
William Cooper

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