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In his new book, God Wants You Prosperous, Dr. David Jones will teach you how he and others have learned to use the teachings of Christ to overcome past business failures and increase their worth from nothing to 6 and 7 figure incomes! Learn the secret to escaping a "failure mindset," and how Dr. Jones used biblical principles to prosper in 2 successful businesses! Become a vessel of blessing that will enrich and bless everyone around you!

And... for a limited time only... to ensure you'll get the complete understanding of the principles outlined in his book, Dr. Jones has created a 2-part DVD teaching to ensure you get the knowledge and understanding that are crucial to making these principles work for you. It's true! For a small love gift of only $40 you can unlock the door to prosperity and blessings BEYOND your imagination!

But, it doesn't stop there! Damon wants to ALSO bless you with a DVD of today's inspiring 1onONE interview, now complete and uncut, to provide extra insights and inspiration that will propel you into even greater understanding of the business and personal success you can achieve! You only watched a portion of this entire interview, now learn from the complete discussion on success with Dr. David Jones and host Damon Davis!

You'll receive the spirit-inspired book, God Wants You Prosperous AND the instructional, double-DVD teaching set, AND the complete bonus interview DVD – all for your love gift of just $40!

God Wants You Prosperous Collection
Dr. David Jones

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