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In this very special offer, Damon has put together a Supernatural War Chest of resources to equip you with the weapons you'll need to fight the spiritual battles in your life, beginning with the life-changing teaching, An Introduction to Spiritual Warfare. In this eye-opening, dynamic DVD, Bishop Tacky offers strategies for combating the demonic forces trying to disarm and separate you from your most powerful ally, Jesus.

You'll also get not one, BUT TWO of Bishop Tacky's books ‑ Total Deliverance: The Believers Guide to the Process of Deliverance and Affliction versus Deliverance. These books will help you identify infirmity and affliction, and any door that may be opened in your life. Whatever degree of affliction is coming against you, God is able... and He will deliver you! Total Deliverance & Affliction versus Deliverance will teach you how to overcome the enemy, break ungodly covenants, and walk out the TOTAL DELIVERANCE PROCESS!

To arm you further, Damon will also send you the prayer CD, Get Free!. As you join Bishop Tacky in prayer, your battle cry will be breakthrough into the heavenly realm. These powerful prayers will release angelic activity over your situation, bind up the enemy, and strengthen you during your spiritual conflicts.

As Damon's way of saying THANK YOU for partnering with 1onONE, Damon will include his full-length interview with Bishop Tacky so you won't miss anything they covered as they dove deep into the world of the supernatural.

When the enemy persecutes you, don't be discouraged. You are righteous, you have a covenant with God, and He will bring deliverance to you!

Total Deliverance Collection
Bishop Bob Tacky

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