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In this incredible system, Delatorro becomes your personal and professional Career Transition Coach for over 10 HOURS! This 10-Disc system includes Delatorro's best coaching, wisdom, insight, and strategies inspired by his brand new national bestselling book, Caught Between a Dream a Job. You will receive 9 power packed and life-changing audio CDs and 1 hard-hitting LIVE DVD of Delatorro coaching entrepreneurs to live their dreams. It's LOADED with extras NOT included in the book. If your DREAM is bigger than your job, you Must experience this system!


  • Defining Your Destiny & Clarifying Your Vision
  • Whoever Told You to Job
  • Living Life by Design & The Art of Allowing
  • Your Life's Purpose: The Catalyst to Your Dreams
  • Strategies for Exploding Your Human Potential
  • Hire Yourself & The Magic of Building your Dream Part-time
  • How to Utilize a Dream Job to get into Living Your Dreams Now
  • 20 Power TIPS for Strategic Transition
  • Coaching Interviews featuring Delatorro
  • 12 Keys to Entrepreneurial Greatness LIVE DVD

Mega Coaching System
10 CD Set by Delatorro McNeal

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