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Motivational speaker, businessman, and author, Myron Golden, reveals how you can create wealth through biblical principles and break free from the chains of struggle in his acclaimed book, From the Trash Man to the Cash Man: How Anyone Can Get Rich Starting from Anywhere.

In this blueprint to wealth, Myron Golden shows you the steps to take and the strategy to get more money into your account, out of debt, and declare prosperity over your life! Learn the window of opportunity, the hands-free money business plan, and how to get started on the road to riches.

As part of this bundle, you'll be inspired by this POWER-PACKED, 3 DVD set that reveals the secrets to understanding Kingdom economics and how they work in your career, your business, your family's money and your life! First, in How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, Myron reveals to you God's plan on how to find the purpose of your life as well as how to maximize the potential that He has given you. In Part 2, You've Got to Go Through the Valley to Get to The Vision, you will discover how the struggles in our lives actually prepare us for our destiny and that adversities are often the stepping-stone to our advancement. You will also receive Business Is a Good Idea Because Business Is a God Idea. Join Myron and his live studio audience as he shows you how God himself ordained business as the vehicle to bring wealth and abundance to YOU ‑ His chosen people!

And as Damon's way of saying thank you for supporting 1onONE, he is including the full-length, uncut interview of his time with Myron Golden. You only saw 25 minutes today ‑ but Damon spent almost an hour walking through the principals of wealth and breaking the chains of debt with Myron.

But that's not all. Damon is so convinced that this bundle is your answer to debt-free living and financial breakthrough that he is offering something VERY SPECIAL!

When you order, Damon will throw in TWO FREE tickets, valued at $299.00 each, to any one of Myron Golden's God's Success Formula Seminars held across the nation! And to make this even better... one ticket is good for the ENTIRE family. At this life-changing event, your spirit and your soul are going to be awakened to the hidden secrets held within the Bible that will teach you how to create wealth to last for generations to come.

Kingdom Wealth Bundle
Myron Golden

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