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This book is the cumulative wisdom of years spent in business and years studying God's principles. Dr. Paul Crum has done both, and seen success in both arenas. What makes this book unique is the insight into the principles of God through the eyes of the Ultimate Entrepreneur, God Himself. Using a tool seen often in scripture, an analogy, we gain insight to the plans and purposes of God as an Entrepreneur, and ultimately, we gain His wisdom for our own work and organizations. First and foremost, this is a practical book. While principles are always on display, there is a down to earth application for each one. Drawing from his own experiences as an entrepreneur, consultant, financial planner and a pastor, we see real world situations and challenges answered by applying Biblical principles. Uniquely, we also get to glimpse into the "Boardroom of Heaven" to sit in on what might have been the strategic approach God uses to build His own organization: The Kingdom and His Church. Sit back and be prepared to be challenged and amazed by the Greatest Entrepreneur that the world has even seen, God Himself!

God the Entrepreneur Book
Dr. Paul Crum

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