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Bundle includes:
  • Live Your Best Life: The Advantage of Disadvantage
    You will be captivated by the authors' very real struggles in life, and how they used their hardships to begin to reshape their future, and walk in the overcoming power and victory God planned for them.
  • Live Your Best Life 4-DVD teaching series
    In this collection, each one of the nine Blackbelt Speakers will guide you through the practical steps you need to help you reclaim and rebuild your life into one that God intended for you to live.
  • 1onOne Journal
    Use this journal to document your voyage of personal development, as you begin to find the answers that will help you live the life that God envisioned for you all along!
  • Both full interview DVDs, which includes Damon and all 9 authors.

Live Your Best Life: The Advantage of Disadvantage Bundle

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