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Bundle includes:
  • Live Your Best Life: Your Life is Your Message
    In this new groundbreaking book Dr. Ruben West and his team of international experts on empowerment and self-development reveal who God made you to be, and the steps and strategies to harness the power and experience God has been building in you through the life you've lived up until NOW. Through stories of overcoming adversity, you will discover a roadmap and the steps you can take to move out of the struggle and into a life of TOTAL VICTORY!
  • Also, as part of today's exclusive television offer, you will receive this 3-part power-packed companion DVD series entitled How to Achieve the Very Best You. After the show was over, Damon invited each of Dr. West's guest experts to stay with him in studio and drill down into the key strategies and key insights found in the pages of the book. Through multiple hours of 1onONE teaching and instruction, you will learn how to how to apply the principles found in the book to get set up for the best life you could possibly live.
  • You will also recieve the full uncut interview DVD with him, Dr. West and their guest experts. You only saw 30 minutes of over an hour spent in studio. You'll receive this full-length behind the scenes interview with your order, a $20 value, but yours FREE today.

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Live Your Best Life: Your Life is Your Message Bundle

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