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  • How to Overcome Anything book by Pastor Regina Davis
    Pastors Robert and Regina Davis are on a mission to stop the devil in his tracks and reconnect you to God's power so that you can enter in to a new and exciting time of breakthrough! Birthed out of her own personal hardships of debilitating illness, anxiety, and depression, this book will empower you to stand up and lean on Him for your battle strength in life!
  • How to Overcome Anything workbook
    To equip you further in your journey of overcoming, you will receive this companion workbook where Pastor Regina's background in psychology will help you to recognize the destructive patterns in your life, and give you the keys of the Kingdom to unlock freedom and defeat life's problems that have held you back, once and for all.
  • Supernatural Warfare: Seeing Your Supernatural Help DVD by Pastor Robert Davis
    Join Pastor Robert as he shows you that flowing in the supernatural is normal for the believer because of their Covenant with God. And, as a believer, you possess the supernatural power to change the natural order of things and experience victory in every demonic attack.
  • Breaking Free: Overcoming Ungodly Soul Ties DVD by Pastor Regina Davis
    Pastor Regina will give you the understanding on how wrong relationships tie people's lives together through a spiritual bond which can cause us great emotional damage. But, through the finished and saving work of Jesus, she shows you how you can receive supernatural restoration of all that was lost at the hand of any ungodly relationship.
  • 1onONE Full Length DVD with Damon Davis and Robert & Regina Davis

Living Victoriously Bundle
Pastors Robert & Regina Davis

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