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Dr. Charles Redd is the man with the leadership plan - and is here to help you fulfill your potential.Success is not something you sit idly by, waiting for it to find you. And it certainly isn't something you can hope to achieve without both guidance and effort.

Dr. Redd is a nationally known motivational speaker and leadership expert who can give you the fire and drive you need to propel your career to new heights. This bundle includes the Best of Dr. Charles Speaks, a dynamic 10 message compilation that will provide you with guidance, instruction and inspiration. You'll hear 10 messages filled with Dr. Redd's most popular teachings to encourage the leader within you. These motivational and informative talks will engage your mind, elevate your thinking and prepare you to take on any challenge that lies ahead of you. You will receive personal wisdom, inspiration and instruction from one of the country's greatest motivators and a nationally recognized Fortune 500 business leader.

You will also receive Dr. Redd's 1onONE training presentation on DVD. This in-depth teaching will help you develop a winning attitude that will inspire excellence and generate results. Get ready for unlimited growth, empowerment and transformation. You'll not only realize self-improvement, but Dr. Redd will help you better your business, your relationships, and the world around you.

As an added bonus you will also receive Dr. Charles Redd's engaging full length uncut 1onONE interview with Damon Davis. There was too much motivational insight to fit into today's broadcast, but with this DVD, you will get all the extra wisdom and coaching shared with Damon during the taping.

Dr. Charles Speaks Bundle

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