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  • BLESSED! How to Attract Wealth into Your Life book by Dr. Shirley Clark
    Dr. Clark guides you through the steps that will teach you to receive an impartation from the Lord as you download His ideas, inventions, and strategies to manifest wealth in your life.
  • Pray and Grow Richer 31-Day Devotional
    This journal is full of strategies that can be used to provoke the supernatural to show up in your life, so that your wealth streams can be illuminated as well as activated, which will open the door for you to live from your overflow inheritance.
  • The Soak Worship CD
    To help you set your atmosphere, this is Dr. Clark's personal soaking music CD. Immerse your soul and spirit in these heavenly, anointed sounds as you develop and strengthen your place of intimacy and relationship with the Lord.
  • Wealth Wisdom DVD
    Teaching from Dr. Clark with over a half-hour of guided and thoughtful teaching on the 8-step system to breaking out of the poverty mindset.
  • Prayer and Proclamation CD
    This powerful CD will bring you into a supernatural place of agreement with God over your finances.
  • DVD of the full, uncut 1onONE episode with Damon Davis and Dr. Shirley Clark

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Dr. Shirley Clark

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