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In his #1 best-seller, No Hands and No Excuses, Lee Shelby empowers and challenges you through his interactive, educational, and heartfelt conviction to stretch your thinking. Break free from the restraints of limited thinking that have bound you to failure and disappointment.

Lee Shelby's amazing personal story of triumph over tragedy will give you a new perspective on how to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive one.

And... for a limited time only... to ensure you'll get the complete understanding of the principles he used to restore his OWN life, Lee Shelby will ALSO provide a personal DVD teaching session, valued at over $100! But today you'll get this easy to understand success training DVD, PLUS the best-selling book, No Hands and No Excuses – all for your love gift of ONLY $35!

Get rid of all your excuses and let Lee Shellby help you achieve the success you desire and deserve.

Learn how you can live a "NO-EXCUSE LIFE", no matter WHAT situation threatens you!

No Hands and No Excuses Collection
Lee Shelby

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