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This is more than just a book of bible quotations and do's and don'ts. It challenges the woman of God to renew her mind and grow up in the things of God. It motivates Christians to no longer embrace the world's way of thinking and doing, but think like, be like and do like Christ. Bishop Jones outlines the benefits of exchanging our thoughts and ways for God's thoughts, and seeking His way of doing things.

Bishop Jones emphasizes the need for women in the Body of Christ to become unified by not judging each other based on the outward appearance. The key is to see each other in Christ, as God sees us. God does not look at the outer appearance as man does. He looks at the heart. Yvonne Jones believes that seeing through the lens of God will add authenticity to fellowship and subsequently deepen Christian women's love and devotion for one another.

Sexy, Sassy, Sanctified Women Book
Yvonne Jones

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