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In his instructional best-seller, Your Break Through Is Guaranteed, Dr. Harris uses time-tested techniques to show you how to expand your mind and stretch your thinking to free you from the restraints of your past and the obstacles in your environment. Experience life at a whole new level! Get rid of all your excuses and let Dr. Breakthrough give you the success you desire and deserve. This easy-to-read book will guide you ‑ step by step ‑ through his proven formula for breakthrough success!

And, for a limited time only, to ensure you'll get the complete understanding of the principles outlined in his book, Dr. Breakthrough will also provide you a personal DVD teaching session, which will even more simply explain the plan for your success! That's right ‑ you'll get your own motivational video that will help inspire and coach you along your journey to greatness.

But it doesn't stop there. Dr. Breakthrough, along with his wife Nadia, want to also bless you with their insightful book Positioned 2 Prosper: Eight Golden Nuggets to Ensure Your Prosperity. You'll learn the 8 universal principals that will work without failure to position you to receive the blessings God has waiting for you. Find out how to put your heart, soul and mind in the right space to receive God's anointing on your work, your family and so much more.

Learn how to break through the barriers of bad health... lack of money... doubt... ego... procrastination... complacency... and so much more. With this bundle, no obstacle will stand in the path that God has prepared for you ‑ EVER AGAIN!

In addition to Dr. Breakthrough's best-selling book and instructional teaching, Damon wants to also bless you with an uncut DVD of today's inspiring 1onONE interview, to provide extra insights and inspiration that will propel you into even greater understanding of the success you can achieve, right now!

All this can be yours: The best-selling books, Your Break Through Is Guaranteed and Positioned 2 Prosper, your very own motivational DVD teaching, and the uncut, unlimited DVD version of today's interview ‑ all for your small love gift of only $49.95.

Dr. Stan "Breakthrough" Harris Collection

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