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  • Beyond Sunday book
    Page by page in this ground-breaking book, you will discover the principles and strategies that you need to win through the struggles you're facing. Each chapter has its own worksheet to connect your experiences to the Bible, while gaining a closer relationship with God in a unique and solidifying way. Experience the breaking of strongholds and bondages, transform your thinking to the mind of Christ as well as strengthen your personal relationship in and with Him.
  • He Binds Up My Broken Heart DVD
    In this DVD, Nancy will personally walk you through Psalm 34 and help you heal from the heartaches and pain of your struggles. Along with the book, this DVD will create a roadmap for success to walk you out of any spiritual attack, financial breakdown or demonic challenge that you may be facing.
  • 1onONE DVD
    Complete Interview with Damon Davis and Nancy Roundtree
  • 1onONE Key of Vision Necklace
    Keep this beautiful necklace for yourself, or give to a loved one as a reminder that God has given us His Son as the key to overcoming in this life, and through?Him we can keep moving forward and open any door in front of us!

Finding Strength Beyond Sunday Collection
Nancy Roundtree

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