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Every generation God anoints certain messengers called to advance His Kingdom. Cut from generations of pastors, Damon Davis has made it his personal mission to spread the Gospel through his unique anointing of helping ministries big and small reach the masses through media and technology.

Whether he's leading one of the largest faith media agencies in the world, or hosting the highly rated 1onONE program, Damon has given everything to the call of introducing the body of Christ to men and women that will encourage, inspire and motivate God's people to live their extraordinary life. And now... he's asking YOU to join with him to create a greater Kingdom impact! Become a sustainer of what God is doing in the Kingdom here and around the world!

Pledge your $30 or more tax-deductible gift to the ministry of 1onONE. Something special is about to happen for you as you connect with an anointing that is helping the hurting and the lost get easy access to the Gospel. When you act now and commit to sustain 1onONE, you are initiating spiritual breakthrough, healing, financial prosperity for you and your family for generations to come!

But that's not ALL you're going to receive! When you pledge your support to help Damon continue to bring the world's most powerful minsters to the public, we will immediately enroll you so you can begin receiving the blockbuster 13-episode Best of 1onONE Collection. That's 13 complete and uncut, behind-the-scenes programs with such thought leaders and widely-known generals of faith like Creflo Dollar, Gregory Dickow, Bill Winston and many others. And Damon will bring them right to your doorstep to release "behind the scenes" revelations you've never heard before! This collection alone is worth over $250! Act now and your enrollment begins immediately!

Next, you'll receive immediate access to the exclusive 1onONE Digital University. This groundbreaking digital discipleship platform will give you unlimited access to the teachers and trainers who have graced the 1onONE stage. These ministers have created specialized courses to equip you to become the best you! Imagine receiving one-on-one mentoring from preachers from around the globe, speaking straight to your spirit, soul and body!

But there's MORE... You can proudly share your decision to become a 1onONE sustainer by displaying this attractive certificate for your home or office!

And there's still more! Every month Damon will ALSO include a personal letter, straight from his desk, detailing the insights he receives from these powerful titans of faith each and every day!

Sustainer Partnership Package (One Time Gift)

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