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On today's show you learned about Apostle David Taylor's life changing experience coming face to face with Jesus Christ... now you can bring home Apostle David Taylor's life changing book, Face to Face Appearances with Jesus.

With your love gift of $25 or more you will receive Apostle David Taylor's inspirational and instructional book... plus Damon wants you to know the fullness of God's supernatural power. You only saw 22 minutes of the interview with Apostle David Taylor and that's why with your love gift you will receive not only the book but also the almost 90 minutes of conversation and miraculous insight that Apostle David Taylor shared with Damon.

Receive all the insight all the prophetic words and most importantly all the miracles the Apostle shared with Damon. Capture the supernatural words of God for yourself today!

Face to Face Collection
Apostle David E. Taylor

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