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Are you searching for a breakthrough in your finances, your marriage or career? Are you unclear on your purpose and path in life? Well, your solution has finally arrived. Apostle Corey Thompson has been given a word from the Lord to enrich your spirit and guide you into your proper position as an heir of God's kingdom. God has given you the supreme authority to rule over the circumstances of this world. And this is your moment to claim it!

Collection includes:

  • 4 Elements of the Kingdom of God DVD
    This teaching on Kingdom Perspective will change your thinking and revolutionize your understanding of your place in the Kingdom of God. Learn to exercise your faith and release God's calling on your life.
    This dynamic DVD will help you align your spirit with the will of God and release His divine favor in your life and the lives of your family, friends and loved ones.
    Elevate your spirituality, reinforce and restore your sanctification, conquer debt, achieve your ambitions, and become the kingdom leader you were meant to be.
  • Full Uncut Interview DVD
    You only experienced a portion of Corey Thompson's revelatory insight on today's program but Damon wants you to have his complete uncut interview with all the behind the scenes discussion and spiritual wisdom shared during Corey's visit.

Kingdom Perspective Collection
Apostle Corey Thompson

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